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Please relay to Gary how much fun everyone had at our Holiday Party last Saturday. The employees are still buzzing about it and how funny it was. The night was a huge success and mostly due to Gary’s wonderful performance!


Happy Holidays!

Donna Duarte

HR/Administrative Assistant 

Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.

Gary Conrad,

Thank you again for the wonderful show tonight.  My wife and I had a great date.  As I shared with you, I was in your audience 2 years ago.  After that show, I asked you if hypnotism could help me break my lifelong habit of nail biting... you promptly offered me tickets for the next night, in order to see if I was a candidate for hypnotism.

The entertainment value is definitely there, but my night on stage helped me break a 30-year habit.  I realized that the decision was ultimately mine to make, and it was a matter of me being in charge and not falling prey to old ways.

The first year, I was constantly amazed at the fact I was actually cutting my nails with clippers... consistently!  Thank you for empowering me to take control.

Stannon Banks


My name is Chris Klonne. My wife and I recently saw your show for the second time here in Cincinnati at Go Banana's Comedy Club. This time, I volunteered, mainly because I am interested in hypnosis and was curious if I could be hypnotized. Well, needless to say, I am now a believer. You may remember me as you kept calling me "Stretch" because I am 6'7''. I was also the one you elected to sing the happy birthday rap to some random girl in the crowd. My wife was a little shocked! Actually we had brought 6 of our neighbors with us to the show. Anyway, how the HELL did you do that to me? I am a pretty easy going guy, but the only way I would EVER dance and sing in front of 200 people is if I were
absolutely HAMMERED, which I was not.  I had a blast and cant wait to see your show again...according to my wife I was a pretty impressive Chippendale dancer! Stay in touch!

Christopher M. Klonne

We booked Gary for an adults-only, science-themed event at our Museum called LOL!, which explored the science of laughter. Gary was great and our audience responded really well to him. He kept the crowd rocking and rolling for 1.5 hours and it was fun to see the subjects on-stage under his trance. He's a great entertainer and really knows how to work the audience and was a pleasure to work with!

Stacia Jackson, Manager

Discovery Place Science - Charlotte, NC 

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